• Cecilia

    Cecilia's mum contacted me, she wanted something special to offer to her daughter for Christmas.

    I connected to the energy of Cecilia, this beautiful druidess and her two daughters. I wanted to add some rose petals for the divine feminine, the softness of her heart. In her daughters hand, you will find lotus flowers for rebirth and strenght.

    The fire shows that even in the darkness of night she will be guided by its light, and the full moon brings abondance, fertility.

    Around them is the dust of stars as a protection.

  • Lea

    Lea's boyfriend contacted me to create a piece that represent their happiness and time together. At the back you can see the island of Moorea, special to their heart!

  • Alice

    Alice just had a baby, and wanted to offer her mum an illustration representing their complicity...

  • Enoha

    Enohad was born in November, and her mum Lise, was looking to share the spirit of Tahiti, the birth anoncementannouncement in a different way

  • Romy

    Beautiful Romy was born in the island of Tahiti, her parents wanted to bring a bit of sunny vibes with their annoannouncement in France :)

Her Aura was so contagious

So expansive

She didn’t even realized 

How powerful she was

The light within her was always there

This sparkle of divinity

Just need to be seen 

To be remembered 

She was so in touch with herself

Sometimes it was painful

When you choose an authentic life

The courageous path seem torturous 

Yet there was no other option

That to be herself 

No coming back 

Once you touch what it means

To be alive. 

To all the souls out there on this conscious courageous journey, I see you.